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Health and Safety Evaluation of Exisiting Production Facilities

Site Assessment of Old Manufacturing Facilities

New Taicang Port Facilities on the Yangtze River



Environmental Assessment and Safety Evaluation of a Canadian Company’s Shanghai Plant Proposal

A Canadian Company had been manufacturing industrial presses and shears under contract to a Shanghai manufacturing company and was now proposing to open their own factory site for building products and marketing them to the rapidly growing Asian market.

The Canadian manufacturer had found a plant site in the City of Taicang, 50 km northwest of the City of Shanghai. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) provided a package of assistance to the Canadian company through their Industrial Cooperation Program, including an Environmental and Safety Assessment of the proposed plant and a site investigation to determine if there were any historical environmental contamination issues associated with the plant as proposed.

New East was hired to provide both environmental and socioeconomic assessments of the project and to ensure that the project met Canadian, Chinese and International standards for environmental management, impact mitigation and safety procedures.

A pre operational EHS audit was conducted on the site in being developed for the manufacturing plant The purpose of this component of the audit was to provide a due diligence assessment of the manufacturing plant and site selected for development. This component was intended to identify issues for the development of the manufacturing operation, and provide input to the planning and development of manufacturing operations at the site.

The project included an assessment of the development proposal as well as conclusions and recommendations for improvement. The project included the development of and Environmental and Safety Management Plan to assist the Canadian company during the construction and implementation phases of the project and to provide a basis for safety and environmental training for Chinese managers, supervisors and workers at the site. The project resulted in the successful development of a manufacturing plant in Taicang.