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In 1999, New East conducted a servicing study on for the City of Surrey for the prospect of developing 2,000 acres in the Campbell Heights area in Surrey. This development was intended for industrial/business park use. The scope of servicing included transportation, stormwater management, roads, drainage, water supply and sewage disposal systems as well as other soft utilities.

In anticipation of the establishment of a semi-conductor plant, New East completed the detailed design for servicing the north-west quadrant including a 5 km trunk pressure sewer to discharge to the regional system. Due to changes in market conditions, this project was not pursued.

In 2002, the City of Surrey wished to revive the development of the entire area. New East played a pivotal role in locating and bringing together the City and Private Developers to form a Public/Private Partnership (P3) to fund the servicing of initial development of 250 acres of land owned by the City.

Under the implementation phase, New East has:

  • Updated the 1999 servicing study to reflect the latest development objectives and generated a $190 million Development Cost Charges program specifically for the Campbell Heights area.
  • Developed unique stormwater management approaches in lowering the groundwater tables to permit building development, together with separate exfiltration and conventional detention pond systems to handle the post-development runoff. Presented the same to and secured grant from the Federal Government under the Green Municipal Enabling Funding.
  • Developed the attendant environmental enhancement and water quality control systems consisting habitat protection, planting, wetlands, bio-swales and stormwater quality control devices.
  • Completed the detailed design and construction phases for $23 million off-site and $6 million subdivision servicing work in 2004 and 2005.
  • Monitored changes in groundwater tables before, during and after the implementation of the stormwater management systems, particularly in respect of the impact to Latimer Lake at the north-east corner of the development.

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