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New East Consulting Services Ltd. primarily undertakes the establishment of strategy and policy, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and the development of municipal infrastructure. Our scope of work also includes design, construction supervision, and project management for land development and civil/municipal/environmental engineering projects.

We primarily undertake system planning and implementation of municipal infrastructure (roads, drainage, sewer and water systems, landfills, and maintenance management) as well as the establishment of strategy and policy, hydrology and hydraulics analysis. Our portfolio includes stakeholder consultation studies, preliminary engineering, design, environmental impact mitigation, tendering and construction supervision, and project management for both land development and civil/municipal and environmental projects. Beginning in 1999, we took on private land development projects from reputable developers. Starting in 2001, we moved forward to participate in large land use and community project planning and facilitation. At this point in time, we are a full-fledged civil and municipal engineering consultant capable and ready to take on all aspects of related engineering works.

Through the experience of our team leaders and the strength of our employees, we are capable of taking on complex assignments and realizing optimum solutions to our clients' complete satisfaction. We provide specialized quality services in the fields of:

  • Governmental policy development and private business planning
  • Planning and designing on-site and off-site services for land development projects
  • Stormwater management including master drainage plan development and review as well as the design of drainage control facilities (i.e. detention ponds, erosion protection and channel improvement works, lowland flood control, stormwater quality control and improvement, pump stations, and storm sewers)
  • Sanitary sewer system analysis and design, and inflow/infiltration identification and reduction measures (i.e. rehabilitation, lift stations, and sewers)
  • Regional and municipal water supply systems analysis and design, water conservation, establishment and monitoring of pressure zones, water metering, and replacement/ rehabilitation strategies
  • Landfill site identification, strategic planning and design, leachate and wastewater treatment, and review of operation and maintenance strategies to reduce operational costs and extend service life for existing sites
  • Solid waste management involving recycling programs, composting facilities, incineration, and transfer stations
  • Maintenance management systems preparation for records and optimization of various service areas
  • Specification and conditions of contract drafting, tender documents preparation, construction supervision, and project management for civil/municipal/environmental engineering projects
  • Development of user-oriented fees and levy structures (i.e. development cost charges, utility taxes, local improvement levies, user fees) including identification of needs, analysis, test modelling, and recommendations of implementation strategy and policy (i.e. the drafting of necessary bylaws and internal procedures).
  • International Projects

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