Key Personnel

New East Consulting Services Ltd. although a relatively new consulting company, our senior personnel have many years of accumulated expertise in engineering and environmental/ business management fields. Our knowledge and abilities are well recognized by both the public and private sectors nationally and internationally. We have established excellent working relationships with and fostered respect for our capabilities from our clients. Our clients' satisfaction is demonstrated by their repeat business.

The New East senior personnel are assisted on various projects by:

  • Project managers;
  • Engineers;
  • Draftspersons; and
  • Technical/clerical support staff

In addition, we maintain close working relations with leading specialists from various fields. We will provide a team of technical support staff to undertake engineering survey, assist with the necessary fieldwork, to prepare the base plans and detailed design drawings. The staff will also produce the graphics and maps for the technical reports and, if required, for presentation to the stakeholders. Our field resident staff includes holder of Public Works Inspection Certificate.

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