The City of Surrey closed the Port Mann Landfill in 1992. As required by the Provincial Regulations, the landfill site requires a long term monitoring program to maintain control of the environmental impacts associated with landfill closure. The Port Mann Landfill is located on a sloping site just west of the Port Mann Bridge and south of the Fraser River.

New East has set up a monitoring plan for monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring of the closed landfill. The monitoring includes a landfill leachate, groundwater, surface water sample collection and laboratory analysis program. The data is carefully watched to determine if there are any problems associated with the closed landfill and to ensure that regulatory requirements for quality are maintained. The leachate data is monitored for volume and quality and the results provide the basis for the GVS&DD regulations and permit discharge requirements. The program measures the performance of the closure plan and ongoing leachate collection system.

Due to the location of the landfill on a sloping site, the landfill is also monitored for settlement by annual horizontal and vertical displacement of a grid of settlement plates.

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