Port Mann Landfill

Dianchi Lake, PRC

Taicang, PRC

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W.R. (Bill) Lightowlers, B.Sc., MBA

A Senior Environmental Consultant and Principal of New East, Bill has extensive background in environmental management and over 25 years’ experience in industrial, government and consulting activities. He has participated in many environmental projects, both as a consultant and proponent. As Director of Marketing and Sales for the Ontario Waste Management Corporation, he developed some of the earliest Canadian work on industrial waste reduction programs using pollution prevention approaches and the use of environmental auditing as a management tool. He also developed programs for treatability and risk classification for hazardous waste, relating waste materials to the optimal on-site and off-site management options. A founding director of the national and provincial environment industry associations (CEIA) and is a member of the board of Directors and Past President of the BC Chapter. He has been a Director and BC Vice President of the British Columbia office of the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centre West (CETAC West). Bill was General Manager of a 60 person environmental analytical laboratory in Vancouver, this position required involvement in many projects related to regulated contaminants and environmental pollution. As a senior environmental consultant, he has worked on a wide range of projects for industrial, commercial and government clients and has extensive experience in site evaluations, management systems, hazardous waste management, health and safety, effluent and air contaminants.


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