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Yunnan Province, China

The Stone Forest a unique and beautiful site in Yunnan Province.

Training Slide - ISO 14001 Planning Process

Training Slide - ISO 14000 Management System



ISO 14000 Training Program Yunnan Province, China

New East conducted a feasibility study to determine the market for ISO 14000 consulting services in Yunnan Province, China. The project also provided an opportunity to determine if partnerships could be developed with Chinese companies. The project included several training programs for industrial, government and university personnel.

Meetings were held with Chinese regulatory officials from state, provincial and local governments as well as representatives of NGOs. These meetings helped New East assess the current evolution of environmental regulation and environmental management expectations in China and specifically Yunnan Province. New East conducted document reviews and panel discussions with national authorities and potential Chinese partners on topics such as market size and opportunity, l egal and financial support requirements, investment requirements, business planning, economic impact, and business responsibilities.

Meetings were held with senior managers and tours were conducted of large industrial facilities in Yunnan to determine the state of environmental management and assess the potential for delivering ISO 14000 services. ISO 14000Training Seminars were developed and delivered in bilingual (English / Mandarin) format. The training materials included descriptions of the value of a comprehensive approach to implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and looked for feedback to evaluate possible revenue generating opportunities.

Training was provided to potential Chinese partners to provide them with more insight into the process of consultation, marketing and implementation of ISO 14000 services. The feedback from this training assisted New East in assessing the ability of local companies to provide local consulting support under the supervision of New East. We consulted with international law firms to determine the requirements for establishing joint venture operations in China. Two partnerships were developed with Chinese companies as a result of this project work.